U2101 – Unknown Caller

It seems like lately all of my articles have been about songs from U2 albums that the band seem like they’d be just as happy to forget. Prior to today, I wrote about two straight songs from Pop and today the song that’s on my mind is from No Line on the Horizon. I remember thinking, as I was inserting the No Line on the Horizon disc into my car’s CD player for the first time, “OK boys. I’m ready to be moved, so move me.” Although I was impressed with each of the album’s first three songs, the first […]

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U2 on iHeart Radio Awards: Innovators Indeed

Let’s do some freeform discussion on the iHeart Radio Awards, shall we? No? Okay, how about just U2’s part? Fair enough. We all know U2 deserved to win the Innovator Award at the iHeart Radio Awards – but did anyone else? (Besides Pharrell Williams, I mean.) If you watched it, you may have asked yourself, “Why did Pharrell have to practically order the crowd to get up on their feet? Why weren’t they already on their feet? Is it because the selfie generation just doesn’t understand how great U2 is?” The answer to that last question is yes, we already […]

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U2101 – Please

Last week, we discussed the lead off single from U2’s Pop album, so I thought that today would be the perfect opportunity to talk about another of my favorite singles from the same album, the fourth single, “Please”. “Please” is that song from Pop that even the album’s detractors cite as a positive, and it isn’t hard to see why. With a passionate vocal from Bono, some evocative guitar from Edge and a drum beat that borrows, in places, from one of the biggest hits of U2’s past, “Please” might be the song on Pop that most perfectly delivers on […]

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Exclusive: Bono Speaks Out on Solving the Refugee Crisis – News

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

By Katie Kindelan, ABC News

U2 frontman Bono is using his spotlight to shine a light on the plight of refugees, calling the refugee crisis a “global problem.”

“We now know that what goes on in the Middle East or North Africa this year will spill onto the streets of Paris or Brussels next year and, God forbid, onto the streets of America,” Bono said today on “Good Morning America,” referring to the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris.

“We cannot separate ourselves from what’s going on in the outside world anymore. It’s our world. That’s what comes with globalization,” he said. “With global impact, we’ve got responsibilities.”

The 55-year-old rocker spoke to “GMA” from the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, home to approximately 80,000 refugees, mostly from Syria.

“The government here has told us they think one-quarter of their population are refugees,” Bono said of Jordan. “Their generosity is right at its elastic limit.”

“We need to get behind them and countries like them that are looking after us and trying to represent our values and I think that’s very important for Americans to …read more

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U2101 – Discotheque

“Discotheque” is kind of a weird song in U2’s catalog. On one hand, a lot of fans have negative memories of the song as the first single from Pop, U2’s much-maligned techno-music influenced ninth album. On the other hand it was U2’s last top ten hit in the United States, so I have a feeling that many casual fans, at least in my part of the world, might remember the song pretty fondly. I know from prowling the forums that lots of younger U2 fans think that Pop is unfairly reviled and many (including Bono’s own daughter Eve) even call […]

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