U2101 Electrical Storm

I fondly remember the fervor that hit U2’s online fan community back in August, 2002 when their new single, “Electrical Storm” first debuted on BBC Radio 1. It seems that the program’s DJ, one Sarah HB, had run into Bono on her wedding day. As a gift, he had given her a CD that contained a demo version of the band’s new song. Of course, as a radio host, she simply had to play the song on her radio show. The problem was that the song wasn’t due to debut on radio for another three weeks, so U2 had to […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, U2 Fans!

Let’s be honest: There’s no better day of the year to annoy our non-U2 friends on social media by inundating them with U2 lyrics, photos, videos, homemade memes with cheesy shamrock borders around Bono’s face and the like. If you haven’t done it yet, I highly encourage you to take the next few minutes to dig up some real vintage-y U2 in Dublin footage to share, preferably relevant to St. Patrick’s Day like this sweet 1982 MTV segment when U2 walked through Dockland acting like the adorable youngsters they were at the time. No one can stop you today! So, […]

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U2101 – Endless Deep

Since, as I write this, there are just about two hours left in Adam’s birthday (at least in my time zone), I thought that I should write a little something about all of our favorite bass player. I already wrote about “New Year’s Day”, the first song that came to mind, (see here for that article) and while I could try to write an article focusing on some of Mr. Clayton’s other greatest bass parts, I thought that it might be fun to talk about something a little different. That’s when I hit on the idea that it might be […]

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U2101 – Street Mission

For this week’s article we’re going way back – all the way back to the early days before U2 had released anything, let alone had any hits or chart-toppers. I’m talking about a song that U2 recorded in 1978 and which wasn’t released officially until 26 years later, “Street Mission”. To fully appreciate “Street Mission”, one has to start with the video. Yes, some of it is kind of cringe-worthy, but it’s also absolutely fascinating to catch a glimpse of the world’s biggest band before they had figured out how to be on stage. Some things haven’t really changed all […]

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Listen to Adam Clayton in a short interview with TodayFM and at the Choice Music Awards! – News


Adam Clayton was on TodayFM, an Irish radio station with Paul McLoone and Alison Curtis, broadcasting live at The Choice Music Awards from Vicar Street in Dublin. Listen to what Adam had to say about the forthcoming U2 album, Songs of Experience!

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