U2101 – Kite

Even though it was never released as a single, U2’s song “Kite” has become a fan-favorite track. It’s not surprising that the song struck a chord with listeners. As Bono said “This song’s about letting go of somebody you don’t want to let go of”, and that’s a feeling that most of us can easily relate to. The lyrics to “Kite” find Bono reminiscing about an incident that occurred when he attempted, with his daughters, to fly a kite from a hill overlooking Dublin Bay. The kite crashed, and one of Bono’s daughters then asked if she could go home to play […]

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September 25: A Beautiful Day?

Was September 25 the date Larry posted the notice at the school, or was it the date of U2’s first meeting in his kitchen? *(Answer below). More importantly, will it be the date U2 will release Songs of Experience? That’s the question some of us are asking as we wait on a bed of nails for SOE to arrive. It would make perfect sense for this to be the case, with the I Heart Radio appearance happening two days before. But forget “sense” for a minute. If we’re being honest, releasing Songs of Experience on their 40th anniversary could go […]

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New exhibit at UNF explores U2’s brand through the tattoos of fans – News


‘Ink, Icons, Identity’ suggests rock band often provides messages for ‘love, loss and life,’ says exhibit curator

By David Crumpler, The Florida Times-Union/Jacksonville.com

The idea for the U2 Tattoo Project, which can be seen in exhibit form starting Monday at the University of North Florida’s Gallery of Art, came together last year.

It was mid-May. Beth Nabi and her friend Chris LeClere were at the first of two concerts launching U2’s Innocence + Experience Tour in Vancouver.

Nabi had encouraged LeClere to join her to experience the thrill of seeing the celebrated Irish rock band perform live.

He turned out to be the right choice for a traveling companion.

Nabi is an assistant professor of graphic design and digital media at UNF and a longtime U2 fan. LeClere is a photographer and visual anthropologist.

She had given presentations about the band’s “visual identity” — images associated with U2 such as the Joshua Tree, the photo of a disturbed looking Dublin boy on the cover of the “War” album and the “Zoo baby” drawing from the album “Zooropa.”

One thing that struck Nabi was the lack of a dominant iconic image of the band. There was no official logo, like the …read more

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U2101 – Pop Muzik

Although its mostly known to U2 fans as the pre-recorded opener to 1997’s Pop*Mart Tour, Pop Muzik was originally recorded and released back in 1979 by English musician Robin Scott, under the name M. The original song was a hit for Scott, reaching the top 10 in several countries, including the United States and his native UK. Scott has said that the song was his attempt to sum up the previous 25 years of popular music, saying “it’s all just pop music”. In 1997, when U2 were looking for a theme song to play as they approached the stage for […]

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