U2 Adds Final Night In London – Nov. 3

Presales begin tomorrow for the just announced sixth – and final – Innocence and Experience Tour stop on Nov. 3 at London’s O2 Arena. According to the band’s statment, “U2.com subscribers who have not yet used their unique pre-sale access code – or new subscribers – can take part in a ticket pre-sale for this additional show from tomorrow, Tuesday, March 23rd, at 10am, running until Thursday March 26th at 3pm. (All times local to venue.)”

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U2101 – Raised By Wolves

Like a lot of great U2 songs, “Raised By Wolves” doesn’t explicitly spell out an exact meaning. Rather, it allows itself to be interpreted a variety of different ways, depending on the listener and what’s going on in their life at the time. According to the Songs of Innocence liner notes, the song was written about an experience that Bono had when he was young. Apparently he narrowly avoided being blown up in a heinous terrorist attack wherein three car bombs exploded simultaneously, destroying part of Dublin and killing 33 people and wounding an undisclosed number of others. One of…

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Join Us May 13th: @U2 @Vancouver Meetup


Put your party hats on! U2’s Innocence+Experience tour is fast approaching and we’re ready to help get the fun going with a casual dinner meetup in Vancouver, BC, the night before U2’s first concert. You’re invited to join us — and there’ll be a lot of @U2 staffers there — on May 13, 2015, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Doolin’s Irish Pub,

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Column: off the record…, vol. 15-663

off the record, from @U2

I still love albums — to be able to pick one up, look at the front and back cover, read the album credits and song lyrics, find out who the musicians are, what they played, who produced it, where it was recorded, etc. Call me old-school, but I will never accept that the album as an art form is dead. I know and understand that for millions of people,

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How Far Would You Go?

Did you see the solar eclipse the other day? Me neither. Apparently, the best viewing for this weather phenomenon was in the Uk or U2’s homeland…no not NYC…Ireland. A solar eclipse is very much like U2’s fan base, only a small amount of people get to see them, while the rest of the world bemoans the fact that they can’t/don’t or won’t see them, which leads me to today’s question boys & girls, how far would you travel to see U2? For example, in a moment of Rocky mountain High, U2 added Denver to the mix last week. If any…

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