U2’s Bono praises Canada for AIDS fight at Montreal conference – News


The international donor conference hopes to raise $13 billion (U.S.) to replenish the Global Fund for the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

By The Canadian Press

MONTREAL–Canada is a leader when it comes to collaborating on global issues, rock star Bono said Saturday during his keynote address at a Montreal conference to fundraise for AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

“It’s just great to see Canada leading on this,” he said. “You’ve always been ahead of the curve in realizing we can do more if the international community works together and subsuming your ego into the grand plan.”

Bono was joined onstage by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates on the second and final day of an international donor conference that hoped to raise US$13 billion to replenish the Global Fund for the fight against the three major infectious diseases.

At the conference’s closing event, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the event had nearly reached its fundraising target.

“We have reached our goal together, we have raised almost $13 billion and in doing so we have saved eight million lives,” he said.

Organizers said more than $12.9 billion (U.S.) was raised for the next three years.

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U2101 – Shadows and Tall Trees

Last week, I wrote about “An Cat Dubh / Into the Heart” and how this song doesn’t really fit in with much of the other material on Boy, the album that it is from. Another song from that same record that feels separate from the rest of the album is the closer, “Shadows and Tall Trees”. One difference is obvious – “Shadows and Tall Trees” is much less rockin’ than anything else from Boy. There’s lots of acoustic guitar and Larry’s drums are not as driving or dynamic as they are in the rest of the songs from this album. […]

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What’s U2 Up to Right Now?

What’s U2 up to right now? Edge was in Sacramento on September 3, which must mean he plans to disrupt the California Senate race by announcing his last-minute candidacy (move over, Kamala Harris). No seriously, if you know of any other reason why Edge would be in my state capital, speak up! He never ceases to surprise us. As for everyone else: Adam was at the GQ Man of the Year Awards on September 5, which is basically the most Adam thing he could possibly be doing. Meanwhile, Bono was taking in Julian Lennon’s art show in LA…so once again, […]

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U2101 – An Cat Dubh / Into the Heart

Although it is listed as two tracks on the Boy album it originated from, most U2 fans consider “An Cat Dubh / Into the Heart” to be one song. Indeed, the issue is somewhat confused by the fact that depending on which pressing of Boy you’re listening to, the two separate tracks that make up this song have different run times, although the total length is always 8:14. It seems that even those closely involved with the band itself aren’t sure where one ends and the other begins. I think it’s better for all involved if we consider “An Cat […]

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U2101 – So Cruel

Of all the songs that U2 has written and recorded about love, none tell a tale so bleak, so heartbreaking, as “So Cruel”. From their 1991 masterpiece album Achtung Baby, “So Cruel” is all about a love gone tragically wrong. Like much of the material that the band was writing for their seventh album, the lyrics to “So Cruel” seem to be inspired, at least in part, by the dissolution of Edge’s first marriage. U2 has always been a close-knit group, and I’m not just talking about the relationships between the four band members. All of the members of their […]

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