U2 Set List: Los Angeles, May 27, 2015

U2 dedicated its Wednesday night concert, and the rest of the Innocence + Experience tour, to the memory of Dennis Sheehan, the band’s longtime tour manager who was found dead in his hotel room early Wednesday morning. And an emotional show it was, with Bono talking about Sheehan several times throughout the show and mixing in a few snippets that seemed to reference his death. But the highlight of the night had to be the final song: “40,

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U2 Inglewood Forum May 26th Review

With the breaking news that U2’s only tour manager, Dennis Sheehan, passed away after last night’s show, tonight is bound to be emotional. Despite that, I have the distinct honor of giving U2 Radio’s first U2 Innocence + Experience Tour review (meaning I was there in person – as opposed to a recap, which would mean I just watched as much of it as possible via Periscope). By now, you’ve seen the setlist and you probably know a few tidbits: The Wanderer intermission seems permanent, One was the closer and we got COBL instead of Miracle Drug. Blah blah blah…you can see that […]

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Long Time Tour Manager Dennis Sheehan Dies

It is a very sad day in the U2 family as we all mourn the passing of Dennis Sheehan. As reported by several news outlets, Sheehan died earlier this morning in his hotel room in Los Angeles. The band is very much in shock at the moment. Bono and Live Nation’s Arthur Fogel released brief statements via U2.com:

-“We’ve lost a family member, we’re still taking it in. He wasn’t just a legend in the music business, he was a legend in our band.

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There’s been a lot of themes that have been forming in the few U2 shows thus far: U2’s love for new technology, their disgust & disdain for all things associated with NLOTH, but my favorite theme developing is the theme of bringing fans onto the stage. “Oh Joe, that’s my least favorite. I didn’t pay a bazillion dollars for Red Zone tickets to hear some off key drunk butcher my favorite song.” Lighten up, Francis! For me, it’s been pure GOLD! I’m not even talking about the girls Bono brings up on stage. Bono’s no idiot, he only picks hotties […]

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