U2101 – Pop Muzik

Although its mostly known to U2 fans as the pre-recorded opener to 1997’s Pop*Mart Tour, Pop Muzik was originally recorded and released back in 1979 by English musician Robin Scott, under the name M. The original song was a hit for Scott, reaching the top 10 in several countries, including the United States and his native UK. Scott has said that the song was his attempt to sum up the previous 25 years of popular music, saying “it’s all just pop music”. In 1997, when U2 were looking for a theme song to play as they approached the stage for […]

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U2 announce world tour, hint new album nearly ready – News


Songs of Experience could be released as soon as September or October

by Brian Boyd, Irish Times

U2 have confirmed a new world tour for next year and that their next album, Songs of Experience could be released as soon as September or October of this year.

The band were talking to a Spanish fansite last week while in Valencia for the wedding of their childhood friend – Dublin optician, Reggie Manuel.

The new album will be a companion piece to 2014’s Song of Innocence in that while the former album dealt with their teenage years on the Northside of Dublin, Songs of Experience will deal with the sudden rush of fame they had in the 1980’s beginning with their Live Aid concert experience and becoming the biggest rock band in the world on the release of 1987’s The Joshua Tree.

The Songs of Experience tour will begin in March 2017 and will take in the US, South America, Australia, Asia and Europe, with an outdoor Irish show in the summer of 2018 a distinct possibility.

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New U2 album and tour in 2017

Bono revealed to the Spanish fan group ‘U2 en Espana’ that a new album and tour are in the works. “It’s [the new record] not finished yet but you will like it. In terms of lyrics it is stronger than WAR, it has more clarity,” Bono said. “The second part of the tour is for 2017… you might see a few things in September or October though,” he continued. Bandmate Adam Clayton also confirmed that the new record and tour will come within the next 6 months. Via: http://goss.ie/another-u2-world-tour-coming/

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U2101 – I’m Not Your Baby

Over the years, U2 have recorded several songs for Wim Wenders films. From “Until the End of the World” and “Stay (Faraway So Close) in the early 1990’s, through “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” and “Stateless” (not to mention the assorted other songs that various members of the band contributed to) for the Million Dollar Hotel, which was co-written by Bono, the band have enjoyed a long and fruitful series of collaborations with the German film-maker. One other song to add to the above list, from Wenders’ film The End of Violence, is “I’m Not Your Baby”, a duet with Irish […]

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What’s Happening with SOE?

No Bono, no peace sign! We have no chill right now. We’re on the edge over here, and not the kind that’s named David Evans. It’s the kind of edge you reach when you know U2 is oh-so-close to releasing their new album. I have a theory and an estimation to share. If the band’s photos from the last week are any indication – taken at various public places in Spain, on French Riviera boats and pretty much anywhere but a recording studio – it would almost seem like U2’s summer of busting their ass may be over for now. […]

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