U2 New Album Leaked [AUDIO]: Bono Scats to The Edge on Guitar for Song from ‘10 Reasons to Exist’

By Ruhi Jiwani

A fan posted the above recording on YouTube and titled it “Another New Leaked U2 Jam Session-2013 (10 Reasons to Exist/Songs of Ascent).

It purports to be a recent recording of Bono working with the rest of the group to put together a new album which we have been expecting since 2010, as per The Guardian.

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Bono: Talented Do-Gooder or Narcissistic Jag-Off?

Bono: Talented Do-Gooder or Narcissistic Jag-Off?
Pro Bono and Con Bono debate the Polarizing Performer

The bigger the fame, the bigger the myth.

Whenever a celebrity achieves a level of out-of-this-world fame, that moment in time will invariably be followed by a counter-attack from media, from fans, and from the goddess Popular Culture herself. Almost no superstar who chooses to remain in the public eye can escape the double-barreled salvos of jealousy and nastiness that invariably come flying when one stands at The Peak of Fame.

Often the pendulum swings – from glorification to the garbage heap; from the cinders back to charmed deification; then back to the bargain bins and to the meme of the week. But once in awhile we find a celebrity who remains beloved and belittled – at the very same time. That, friends, is Bono.

bono hewson both sides now feature

There is probably no one in rock music quite as polarizing as Bono. Axl Rose and Courtney Love are already self-parodies – too comical and artistically played-out to be taken seriously, while Michael Jackson’s legacy was spared both the sordid and the silly by his untimely death. Justin Bieber’s got a Capuchin monkey and a few paparazzi hi-jinks to his credit, but he’s still a little unseasoned (or under-talented?) to rise to the celebra-level of Paul David Hewson.

Decade after decade, Bono remains heroic to many, while nauseating to others. What just is it about this guy that gets people so worked up – both so positively and so negatively? Is he the second-coming of Mother Teresa or just a materialistic phony-baloney? Is any of this fair? Better yet, is any of this even real?

We take time out from our usual ground-breaking Both Sides Now topics (Socialism, General Petraeus, grafitti, Rush Limbaugh, intellectual piracy, free speech, hate speech, Jews and Mel Gibson, face-piercing, women golfers, the Patriot Act, and genderless babies) to have a light-hearted look at one of rock and roll’s favorite side-shows: Bono.

For this task we’ve assigned two writers – Paul Gleason and Courtney Lavender – who absolutely love Bono and U2, but can understand why some people just… don’t.

We call this Both Sides Now… Pro Bono and Con Bono!

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No Vertigo for U2 as band sees Elevation on rich list

Getty Images Europe

It may be four years since they last had a number one hit but U2 remain among the world’s richest musicians according to an influential rich list. Bimpe Archer reports THE eagerly awaited Sunday Times Rich List has ranked Dublin rock band U2 as the third richest music millionaires in the UK and Ireland.

It calculates that the band’s wealth has increased since 2012 with Bono, the Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton sitting comfortable in the top three of the annual rock and roll-call of riches.

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U2 top Ireland’s music rich list

Rockers U2 are Ireland’s richest musicians, boasting a combined fortune of €610 million Euros.

The Beautiful Day hitmakers came third on the Sunday Times Rich List, behind Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

They were streets ahead of Sir Elton John, who has 281 million Euros to his name, and David and Victoria Beckham, who boast 234 million Euros – the same amount as Mick Jagger.

Michael Flatley’s nifty footwork has also banked him a fortune to land seventh place, while other Irish musicians on the list include Enya and Van Morrison.

One Direction star Niall Horan is a new addition on the Young Music Rich List – the Mullingar singer and his bandmates have each racked up 5.8 million Euros, according to the figures.

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In a rare interview, U2’s Adam Clayton discuses why battling his own demons has inspired him to help young people with mental health issues – and talks about the upcoming U2 album…

by Stuart Clark

Heads don’t so much turn as spin Exorcist-style 360º as Adam Clayton walks into the Four Seasons Hotel. The Ballsbridge five-star is used to superstar guests – Metallica, Bon Jovi, Slash, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz among them – but in terms of being recognised and revered in their hometown, U2 are in a different stratosphere to anyone else. Something that, as we’ll discuss later, brings with it its own set of pressures.

The last time we spotted Mr. C at Christmas, he had a near Afro, but today the hair is almost back to regulation U2 bassist length.

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Whipping Boy beat U2 in Irish people’s poll on their top album

Phantom FM listeners rate Whipping Boy’s second album above U2 and Thin Lizzy


Whipping Boy’s second album, Heartworm, was voted the best Irish album of all time
In a survey conducted by Dublin radio station Phantom FM, Whipping Boy’s second album, Heartworm, was voted the best Irish album of all time ahead of big names such as U2, Van Morrison, Damien Rice and Thin Lizzy.

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Grammy-winning producer who paired Sinatra with Bono dies at 72

Phil Ramone, the Grammy Award-winning engineer and producer who paired Dublin singer Bono with Frank Sinatra for an album of duets has died at the age of 72.

Ramone made an art out of the Duets concept, pairing Sinatra with Bono, Tony Bennett with Paul McCartney and Bonnie Raitt with Van Morrison.

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Legendary Dublin studio issues tape appeal

A recording studio which has hosted U2, Depeche Mode and The Rolling Stones has issued an appeal to musicians who have worked there to collect their master tapes – or else they’ll be destroyed.

Dublin’s Windmill Lane where U2 recorded parts of their albums Boy, War and The Joshua Tree are calling on all past artists to claim the tapes which include pre-digital recordings by the likes of AC/DC, The Chieftains, U2 and The Spice Girls.

Over the years these master tapes have begun deteriorating and are taking up valuable space as the studio goes through expansion.

The studio, which was set up in 1978 by engineer Brian Masterson, was originally used by traditional musicians before U2 began working there in 1980. Windmill has since relocated from its small quayside setting to Dublin’s Ringsend Road and is now owned by Pulse Recording College. However, the old studio is still a site of pilgrimage for fans visiting the much-graffitied “U2 wall.”

“We’re appealing to any artists who’ve worked here using two-inch multitrack tapes to come in and reclaim them because we’re in the process of disposing of these tapes,” Ian Brady of Pulse told RTÉ Ten.

Some of the old tapes, including work by PJ Harvey, The Cranberries and Paul Brady, on display at Dublin’s Windmill Lane Studios

“There’s a lot of stuff here of huge historical interest by the likes of U2, Riverdance, AC/DC and The Chieftains but the tapes can weight tonnes and they occupy valuable space. It they’re not reclaimed, they will be disposed of.”

Brady adds that the studio is encouraging all enthusiasts and fans to drop in and pay a visit for their last chance ever see the significance of these nostalgic pieces all in one place.

“Disposal will commence on May 7th, and we urge any interested parties who wish to claim their tapes to contact us before that date.” he says.

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Music helped save me and U2 bandmates from depression, says Clayton


Bassist Adam Clayton has told of how U2 saved him and his bandmates from depression.

Clayton told the Irish Independent that he has experienced the ‘black dog’ creeping in at stages throughout his life, but coped by concentrating on his work and seeking help.

“There’s a lot of it in our industry and it’s covered up with drugs and alcohol. There’s such a high incidence of young musicians who commit suicide or inadvertently die through accidents of some kind,” said the 52-year-old.

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