Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show opens

Report by Sophie Foster

U2 were among the star names attending the first UK performance of the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson tribute show at London’s O2 Arena.

Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour, the only major tribute show approved by the late singer’s estate, will have a short run at the venue which was to have been the London home of Jackson’s doomed This is It tour.

Travis Payne, the choreographer for the production, said the star had been a huge Cirque du Soleil fan.

“I think in the aftermath of Michael’s passing, anything that I can do personally to celebrate him, the artist that he was and the genius he was and all the great work that he gave us over the decades, is just an honour,” he said.

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It’s U2’s birthday

U2 turned 36 yesterday…that’s older than Jesus!

By Brian Moss

Mention the word Bono to any Irish person and it usually elicits one of the following responses:

1. Met him in a pub once, he was sound.

2. He is a complete wa**er.

3. Wish he just stuck to the singing and less of the ‘saving the world’ stuff.

4. He shifted my sister once.

5. He is tiny.

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How The Edge Created a Classic Guitar Sound

by Daniel Eriksson

Not many people can boast about being in the same band for thirty-five years, with the same three guys you met in school. But that is the case for Dave Evans, or The Edge as he is more commonly known. The U2 guitarist started playing with Bono, Larry Mullen Jr., and Adam Clayton while at the Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, Ireland. The four pretty much learned to play their instruments after forming the band. The Edge and his brother Dick, who initially played with the band, had actually built their own guitar that they would take turns playing. It took a while for The Edge to develop what is now the classic U2 guitar sound. In the beginning his playing style was more blues-rock oriented, like that of fellow Irishman Rory Gallagher, which can be heard in the early U2 song “Street Mission,” that was scrapped before time came to record their first album.

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Anton Corbijn Inside Out

A new documentary on Anton Corbijn, famed rock photographer and director of Control and The American, explores the relationship between the artist and some of his high profile subjects. In this clip Bono, lead singer of U2, explains how light ties Corbijn and his band together. Anton Corbijn Inside Out is released in UK cinemas on Friday 14 September and is available on DVD from 17 September.

Watch a clip of Bono talking about the photographer

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Bono says he Got Under Sinatra’s Skin

One Take Frank … Bono and Frank Sinatra


BONO admits he annoyed Frank Sinatra so much on a video shoot for their 1993 cover of I’ve Got You Under My Skin that the crooner stormed out.
The U2 frontman said: “We turned up at a bar to do the shoot but our cameras didn’t work – twice.
Frank was known as ‘One Take Frank’ so when we asked him to do it again he bellowed: ‘What’s going on?!’
He said we were amateurs – and disappeared.”

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