Free U2 related email services

Today most people have more than one email account, one for work/professional, and a second for non-work, hobby interest. For U2 fans there are a couple of free U2 related email services that you can use.






Both services are free to use (ad supported) and available to U2 fans worldwide.
Both Free email package includes:

  • Generous 1 GB storage
  • Advanced Web 2.0 email Web Mail Interface
  • Personal calendar and address book
  • Inbox folders and message filing just like Outlook
  • No reading of email for ad targeting
  • Spam and virus filtering
  • Service options include registered email and online storage
  • 25MB file attachments

and more!


Coming Soon: email. goes mobile

wap is pleased to make much of our content available to wireless Internet users via Internet-enabled phones/smartphones/PDA. Simply input into your mobile device’s web browser and U2exit will automatically format the contents to fit your device. is literally at your finger tips, so you can now read the latest U2 news, or watch (or listen) to the latest U2 related multimedia at your convenience and on your terms. Note: some audio/video items may not play on all devices.

Please be aware that you “might” incur additional fees from your mobile phone provider so check with your carrier before you use your cell phone to access the site. Some providers charge by airtime and some charge for data used so be sure to check with your provider to avoid any unexpected charges. is under construction! will be under going some changes in the coming days and weeks. The changes to the site involve almost all aspects of the layout, and content. We are adding a new blog to the site to help us grow to be a more complete U2 fan site. We are almost starting over and will have to start anew from this point on.

During this time you may experience some dead links, and things not displaying correctly. When all is complete will again focus on offering the latest audio, video, and news, plus alot more.

Thanks for reading,