U2 Manager’s Gentle Google-Bashing

U2 manager Paul McGuinness reportedly engaged in what might be called some gentle Google-Bashing during a Midem panel dealing with copyright.

“I don’t want to engage in Google-bashing, but there is a sense of unease across Europe, across the world, about Google,” he began.

At last year’s Midem, McGuinness spent most of an hour-long speech lambasting the online search giant.

“The experience of people when they go on Google and look for U2 music or P.J. Harvey music is a shopping list of illegal opportunities to get their music. They have done nothing meaningful to discourage that,” was among several negative comments aimed at the company.

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U2’s giveaway reveals how they hit the big notes


There’s still money to be made in the rock’n’roll game. While the music industry narrative of late has been about losses due to HMV’s woes and disruption to the dominant players caused by technology, Paul McGuinness reminded us this week of the rewards which await the more successful acts.

The U2 manager, speaking at an event for music education charity Music Generation on Monday, said the band had donated the €5 million profits from their three Croke Park shows in 2009 to the charity.

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Frank Barsalona, Remembered by U2 Manager Paul McGuinness

Frank Barsalona, founder of Premier Talent and one of the pioneers of the modern touring business, passed away Thanksgiving morning after a long illness. For a tribute written by Billboard’s Ray Waddell – featuring comments about Barsalona from Irving Azoff, Danny Zelisko, Peter Luuko and many others — we asked U2 manager Paul McGuinness for a quote: and he responded with this touching tribute.

By Paul McGuinness, Dublin

“Trying to get U2 signed to Premier Talent was the reason for my trip when I flew to New York for the very first time in 1980. I was a baby manager but I knew that Premier were the agency that had driven the British Invasion for the Who, Zeppelin and all the great bands. U2 were recording their first album, “Boy,” in Dublin, with Steve Lillywhite producing, for Island Records. When I arrived in New York, I phoned Frank Barsalona’s office for an appointment. They took my number, maybe they would have called back. The next day my father died suddenly back in Dublin. I phoned Premier to say I wouldn’t be able to see Frank that week because I would be at the funeral but I would be back soon. He had to see me when I returned, I was the guy in Ireland whose father had died …

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