U2101 – Mercy

“Mercy” is a song that U2 wrote and recorded in 2004. It was originally intended for release as the final song in that year’s How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb album, but was cut at the last minute due to concerns about the length of the album. Shortly after the album was released, a low-quality version of the song surfaced online. I believe that “Mercy” found its way onto the internet when an early demo pressing of the album was stolen from a video shoot in France. Fans who heard the song began clamoring for the song to see an […]

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There Was No New U2 Single Today. So Here’s This.

Like most of you, I thought something big was going to happen today. It didn’t, which really sucks because we could all use some good U2 news right now. So instead of something that excitedly recaps the unveiling of a new single, I give you this little piece of sillyness. I dare you to google Bono’s name with pretty much anyone. You’ll almost certainly find something. How do I know this? Because as a practice, I try to find a U2 connection for as many celebrity birthdays and deaths as possible. Here are celebrities I was able to find some […]

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U2101 – Night and Day

Since I am sitting down to write this on my wife’s birthday, it seems appropriate to write about one of her favorite U2 songs. With that in mind, I chose U2’s cover of the Cole Porter classic “Night and Day” for this week’s article. “Night and Day” was originally written for the 1932 musical The Gay Divorce, but U2 recorded their version in 1990 to be included on the compilation album Red Hot + Blue, which was sold to promote AIDS awareness. The entire album consists of (then) popular artists performing Cole Porter songs, which is noteworthy because at the […]

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U2101 – Holy Joe

There are two versions of “Holy Joe”, a B-side from 1997’s Discotheque single, and although neither one purports to be the “main” or “original” mix, I tend to think of the “Garage mix” as being the original and the “Guilty mix” as being a remix. Listening to these two versions of the song bear this opinion out, as the “Garage” version is more of a straight-forward rock song with lots of crashing cymbals and guitar, while the “Guilty” version is more electronic sounding, with an artificial or heavily treated drum-beat and less guitar. It is interesting to note that the […]

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U2101 – The Saints Are Coming

I’m not much of a fan of American football. To be honest, I can’t stand the sport, but the few times in my life that I’ve deigned to tune in to football related festivities on the television all had to do with U2. One example was the 2014 Super Bowl, when the band unveiled their new song “Invisible” – I watched from the very beginning of the game, waiting for U2’s ad. Another time that U2 were involved with a broadcast of American football came in late 2006 when U2 and Green Day opened a game between the New Orleans […]

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