U2 & “Deflate-gate!”

My good friend Danielson checked in with me this week wondering what all the “Hoopla” was about the Patriots and their deflated balls? (Go ahead and try to say that phrase without laughing) Then, young Daniel made a brilliant analogy and compared “Deflate-gate” to being a U2 fan. Mind officially blown! The connection is not too far off. People, far and wide who aren’t even football fans joined in on the mob mentality and began stomping more air out of the story than what was really there, know any band that just went through a similar situation back in September with a certain album release? It was as…
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Why U2? #48 – The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Earlier this week, I was listening to a band who isn’t U2, (I’m not going to say who because this isn’t about tearing anyone down), and I remembered reading about how the particular record I was spinning was recorded with each band member recording their parts separately, in different studios in different parts of the country. “What an impersonal way to make music!” I thought, which seems to be a real shame because there’s nothing more personal than music, and recording it with someone should be an intimate experience that joins two souls together. Of course, this kind of thing…
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U2 Announces New Los Angeles Concert, Says More New Shows Coming Soon

U2 and Live Nation have announced a fifth show in Los Angeles later this year, and are promising additional Innocence and Experience tour dates in New York, Chicago, London and Barcelona.
The new Los Angeles show is scheduled June 3rd. U2.com member presales start tomorrow (January 27) and the public ticket sale begins this Friday, January 30.
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12 More U2 Concerts? VIP Package Website Lists Unannounced Dates

New shows may be added in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Barcelona & London
U2’s Innocence and Experience tour, which already has 60 shows on its itinerary, could soon have as many as 12 more concerts added.
@U2 reader Tim R. tipped us off to a dozen unannounced shows that are hidden on U2.shop.ticketstoday.com, …read more

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Par for the Course!

FORE! By now, you’ve heard about the Irish nut job with the golf club that was arrested on Larry Mullen Jr’s property a few months back and now found guilty. Anyone know where Rory Mcilroy, the World’s number one golfer was when all this went down? Anyhow, golf is a great game and U2 has referenced many golf terms numerous times, sometimes subtly, over the last three decades and nobody even noticed….until now. Here are a list of golf terms used by U2 and where you could find them. Birdie- See the bird with the leaf in her mouth. (Beautiful Day) Hole- God shaped hole….
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LISTEN: New, Official Version of 'Every Breaking Wave'

Universal Music has released a new version of “Every Breaking Wave,” which is the second single from the Songs Of Innocence album. You may have heard the song played on Ireland’s Today FM Thursday morning (listen here, start at the 7:30 mark), but the U2wanderer. …read more

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Know Your Bonoisms, Part 21: Would Bono Do a Reality Show?

That’s a big NO. I read that he was asked that once and answered in the negative, but if you Google “Bono reality show” now, you’ll find nothing but a full page of Chaz Bono reality show stories. But trust me on this: He won’t do it. Regardless, it’s fun to imagine the potential titles and possible show premises: “Being Bono” – In this groundbreaking season of unscripted television, we would watch our guy maintain the delicate balance between Bono the Lead Singer of U2 and Bono the Global Diplomat. In those moments when the band can’t avoid the cameras, Edge would be…
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