U2’s Indecent Proposal

Did we time travel back to 1987? I could understand this move if U2 were promoting Joshua Tree, but it’s 2015! Less than three weeks left before opening night and this is how U2 plans on generating interest? For those who haven’t heard yet, U2 shot a video for their third single, Song for Someone this past weekend in Los Angeles. The problem, Woody Harrelson is starring in it. Wait, what? Woody Harrelson? Talk about being down & out in Beverly Hills. What, Eric Roberts wasn’t available? Listen, we all know U2 is teetering on the fence of irrelevance, but…

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U2 Tribute Band Review: Hollywood U2

I’d like to start a series of U2 tribute band reviews here on U2 Radio; the thing is, I’ve only seen one U2 tribute band: the amazing Hollywood U2. Let’s get the obvious pun out of the way: No, they’re not even better than the real thing (and after meeting frontman Joe Hier – yes, stage name “Hollywood Bono” – I am certain they would not want anyone to call them better than U2. Joe is a legit U2er like the rest of us, and he emanates serious passion for the band when he talks about them). PS, he’s also friends with a family…

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U2 Fans Got a Surprise Tool Record When Buying ‘Songs of Innocence’

There’s simply no way to get U2’s Songs of Innocence without a bit of trouble: The band drew the ire of iTunes users everywhere when listeners found the album forced upon them via the Apple program during September. Now the group has gotten around to releasing a vinyl version of the controversial release and some buyers are finding something else entirely: pressings of Tool’s debut EP Opiate instead of the more streamlined Songs of Innocence. Did the alt-metal band pull off the greatest promotional stunt ever, trumping even U2 itself? No, unfortunately. It was some sort of accident, albeit one…

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SPOILER: More Audio from U2’s Vancouver Rehearsals

U2 continues to rehearse this week at Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver. On Wednesday night, @U2 reader Stephen K. told us that he heard a “mixture of old classics and obvious new [songs],” one of which was “Every Breaking Wave.”

A night earlier, Vancouver-based journalist Bob Mackin was at the Coliseum and managed to record a couple minutes of good quality audio while the band rehearsed “Raised By Wolves.

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Help Wanted: U2 Producer.

Do you have a spare $50,000 lying around? I know, it’s pocket change for most of you, so can you hook a brother up with a loan? $50,000 is the estimated value that charitybuzz.com has placed on becoming U2’s tour manager for a day. Really, only 50k? Maybe, I can sell one of my kidneys on the black market? My liver is pretty much shot, so that is not an option. $50K….really? Charitybuzz.com is currently accepting bids to become U2’s producer for the day in a few select cities, Boston being one of them. So far, I’m staring at .27…

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