U2’s April Fools

U2 split up…April Fools. Being a teacher, you can only imagine how horrific a day this is. Snot nosed kids presenting their dumbest, weakest attempts at humor all day long, trying to pull one over on old Joe. Usually the joke’s on them because I can’t be beat….I won’t be beat….at least not by a 12 year old, but how about U2’s April Fools jokes this past year? They pulled the wool over the Irises on the unexpecting world (See what I did there) numerous times. It was as if we had 365 April firsts. Did Bono reinvent the calendar?…

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Larry contributes to DJ Dan Hegarty’s book

RTE 2fm radio DJ Dan Hegarty released a book last week in Dublin with contributions by artists including Dave Fanning, Imelda May, Glen Hansard and Larry Mullen Jr.

The book, Buried Treasure, is a collection of underrated albums that Hegarty thinks need to be remembered. Larry wrote the book’s foreword.

According to Independent.ie, Larry mentions Richard Ashcroft’s album

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U2101: Iris (Hold Me Close)

I think that one of the most tragic stories I’ve ever heard is the one about Bono’s mother, Iris, suffering an aneurysm at her own father’s funeral when Bono was fourteen, then dying a few days later. It’s so incredibly unlikely and filled with pathos that if I didn’t know it to be true, I’d think it was a story made up by a writer – it’s one of those cases of truth being stranger than fiction. Of course, this event had a long-lasting and palpable effect on Bono, and it’s one of most often written topics in all of…

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Column: off the record …, vol. 15-664

off the record, from @U2

Madonna has announced her new tour and like U2’s it will be an arena tour. The tour starts in North America in August, before moving to Europe. This will be the first time she has gone out on tour since her manager Guy Oseary was announced as U2’s new manager. In the past he has been very visible at Madonna shows,

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U2’s One Direction!

One Direction fans, lend me your ears….em…wait, what? On 2nd thought. U2’s upcoming tour took a back seat this week in the music world due to the news of teeny bopper sensation, Zayn Malik (yes, I had to Google him) of One Direction leaving the band. Within minutes, 99 % of the world under the age of 20, began to cry its collective eyes out on social media, which would be a typical response, I mean it’s not as if the kids are in class or working a job. Even ISIS I think took a moment of silence. However, things…

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