8th (And Final) NYC Show Added – July 31

U2 announced today July 31 will be their eighth and final show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. According to U2.com, “tickets for this show will go on sale next Friday, March 13th, at 10am local time. U2.com subscribers who have not yet used their unique pre-sale access code – or new subscribers – can take part in a ticket pre-sale for this additional show from this Monday, March 9th,

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Visiting Vancouver for the Innocent (and Experienced)

We know many of you will travel for the opening of the Innocence and Experience tour. The tour is opening in my home country of Canada, in the province of British Columbia. This is the first time that a tour has started in Canada. The last tour ended in Canada but since that last show, things have changed here, so even if you have visited before, stay tuned for a few tips about Canada.

1. Passports will be required. In the past, residents of the U.S. were able to enter Canada without a passport.

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Marching “Fourth” With U2

As we dig ourselves out of 19 feet of snow here in the northeast, we have now entered the month of March, which had me wondering, “What are U2’s best March(ing) songs?” So on this March fourth, here are U2’s best songs that will get you to March forth. See what I did there. Pride/MLK-The King of marching. (See what I did th…) Nevermind. U2’s ode to Martin Luther King & the civil rights movement is still as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. It may have been April 4th that the shot rang out in the Memphis…

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U2 Elevation

After my debut post for U2 Radio, I realized two things. One was that I really, really love doing this. Writing about great music is just an awesome feeling! The other thing I realized was that I really needed to find a way to make the second post even better than the first one. I spent a long time agonizing over which song to cover next, until I found myself snowed in for an entire week. On our first day venturing out into the Real World again, my brother, who had dibs on the car radio, chose a U2 song…

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@U2 Originals: February 2015

Here at @U2, one of the things we’re most proud of is the original content we provide, created exclusively by our staff. In case you missed any of it in February, the highlights are posted here:

In our weekly Off the Record column, Sherry Lawrence recalled some wonderful memories from U2 documentaries past. The following week, Tim Neufeld looked back on some of his favorite U2 opening acts.

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