Grammy-winning producer who paired Sinatra with Bono dies at 72

Phil Ramone, the Grammy Award-winning engineer and producer who paired Dublin singer Bono with Frank Sinatra for an album of duets has died at the age of 72.

Ramone made an art out of the Duets concept, pairing Sinatra with Bono, Tony Bennett with Paul McCartney and Bonnie Raitt with Van Morrison.

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Bono says he Got Under Sinatra’s Skin

One Take Frank … Bono and Frank Sinatra


BONO admits he annoyed Frank Sinatra so much on a video shoot for their 1993 cover of I’ve Got You Under My Skin that the crooner stormed out.
The U2 frontman said: “We turned up at a bar to do the shoot but our cameras didn’t work – twice.
Frank was known as ‘One Take Frank’ so when we asked him to do it again he bellowed: ‘What’s going on?!’
He said we were amateurs – and disappeared.”

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