War Child 20: the best of

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary we’ve released an album with Parlophone Records that brings together some of the best tracks from our five albums – including the legendary ‘HELP’ one from 1995 , which raised £1.5million. Subsequent releases have featured the hottest names in music and raised not only funds, but profile, for our vital work.

War Child 20: The Best Of will be released as a digital album only on 18 February.

With all proceeds of the sale coming directly to War Child, the album tracks have been selected to show the diversity and quality of all the artists who have supported us for the last two decades.

To further commemorate our 20th anniversary, long time supporters Muse are giving away a free track to fans. Over six minutes long, the track starts with Muse’s take on the classic ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ before turning into an explosive version of ‘Time Is Running Out’.

Download it here from Wednesday February 13th.

The Tracklist

1. Come Together: Smokin’ Mojo Filters (McCartney, Weller, Gallagher)

2. Lucky: Radiohead

3. Fade Away: Oasis

4. Mourning Air: Portishead

5. Fake The Aroma: Massive Attack

6. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head: Manic Street Preachers

7. Shipbuilding: Suede

8. Miss Sarajevo: Passengers (U2 and Pavarotti)

9. House Of The Rising Sun: Muse

10. Ghost Town: The Prodigy

11. Calico Skies: Paul McCartney

12. Everyone Says Hi (Metro Mix): David Bowie

13. Vietnam: New Order

14. How You See The World No.2: Coldplay

15. Hong Kong: Gorillaz

16. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: Keane

17. Transmission: Hot Chip

18. Leopard-Skin-Pill-Box-Hat: Beck

19. Straight To Hell: Lily Allen (ft. Mick Jones)

20. Running To Stand Still: Elbow

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Metallica, George Clooney, U2 All Contribute To Documentary Putting Anton Corbijn In Front Of The Lens For Once…

by Caroline Frost

Bono probably isn’t used to be asked to move out of the way.

But that’s exactly what film-maker Klaartje Quirijns had to do to get the shot she wanted – which was of U2’s longtime creative director and the subject of her documentary, Anton Corbijn.

“I’m sure most people would be more interested in getting the shot of these amazingly famous musicians,” she laughs, “but I just wanted to make sure I had Anton.”

Corbijn is not used to such attention, to be sure, with his customary role firmly behind the lens.

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Copyright 2012 U2 France / http://www.u2france.com/actu


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Music Monday Really Randoms: U2, Nick Moss, The Baseball Project, Ben Folds 5

by Josh Hathaway

I don’t have a lot of trouble deciding what to listen to most days. I constantly have a song or song fragment in my head and I’m usually behind on music reviews, so I often have a starting place when my day begins and I follow it all to its logical conclusion.

It’s not like that every day and that’s when Encyclopedia Nerdicus is overwhelmed by the more than 30,000 songs on his iPod and the desire to acquire at least that many more. Where do you begin? Where do you start when you want to listen to everything and can only listen to one song at a time?

When that happens, I take my hand off the wheel and punch the accelerator. I buy the ticket, take the ride, m and speed all the way to the scene of the crash by letting my iPod go on autopilot.

Where did the day take me? Here is the playlist for this MusicMonday. It’s presented in the order my iPod served the songs up to me. I didn’t skip anything nor have I omitted anything for the sake of protecting my Encyclopedia Nerdicus image. I endorse all of these songs, some more than others. I’ll highlight a few of them.

You can’t go wrong starting with “Your Blue Room.” That’s still one of the best songs casual U2 fans and the public at large doesn’t know. This is ambient brilliance at its best with Bono singing unbelievably well in both his upper and lower register. Some U2 fans don’t consider the Passengers album part of the U2 ouvere and there’s a reasonable debate to be had about that. For me, it’s one of the best songs of their career- Top 10, easily.

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Copyright 2012 U2 France / http://www.u2france.com/actu


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