Bruce Springsteen & Chris Martin Will Front U2 for World AIDS Day Concert

aids_logoWith Bono still recovering from a nasty bike accident he suffered in Central Park, two rock titans are fronting U2 during his absence at Monday night’s (Dec. 1) World AIDS Day (RED) concert in Times Square.

Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin (whose band owes more than a little to the Irish rock outfit) will temp with U2 tonight, giving audiences the chance to see a truly one-of-a-kind show from U2 Minus 1.

“Appearing at the personal invitation of U2, Springsteen and Martin have graciously donated their time and talents to save the World AIDS Day event from cancellation,” the band wrote on their Facebook page. Kanye West and Carrie Underwood will also perform at the World AIDS Day concert (not with U2, however).

Speaking of U2, their controversial new album Songs of Innocence — which met with mixed reviews after its stealth release on your iTunes — was recently named Rolling Stone’s Album of the Year. The magazine’s second best album of 2014? Springsteen’s more-or-less-panned disc High Hopes. So expect a very enthusiastic Jann Wenner watching the Boss front U2 in New York tonight.


AWF Supporters Invited to Attend Annual Africare Gala in November

Members of the African Well Fund’s board of directors will be attending The Africare Bishop John T. Walker Memorial Dinner on Friday, Nov. 5 at the National Building Museum in Washington DC. AWF supporters are invited to purchase tickets and join us at the AWF table for this event. This year’s dinner will honor Nelson Mandela for his lifetime of achievements to South Africa and the world, and will celebrate Africare’s 40 years of partnership with African communities. His Excellency is not expected to attend the event.

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AWF Supporters Invited to Attend Annual Africare Gala in November

AWF Aims to Reach $1 Million in Donations in 2011

The African Well Fund was founded eight years ago with the goal of raising $1,000 to fund the construction of a single well in Uganda. In our first year, AWF far exceeded that goal and raised over $26,000. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our supporters, AWF has gone on to raise more than $882,000 to fund clean water and sanitation projects benefiting nearly 300,000 people in 13 African nations.

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AWF Aims to Reach $1 Million in Donations in 2011

U2’s Bono risks millions on ethical fashion line

Bono and his wife Ali Hewson may be at risk of losing million as their ethical clothing change, Edun, continues to lose money.

At the end of last year Bono, and his wife of 28 years, Ali, moved their family from Dublin to New York to help launch the ethical clothing line based in Tribeca, Manhattan.

Ali has now revealed that the business has so far failed to make a profit.

“It hasn’t made money — it hasn’t made a profit yet,” said Ali. “But it’s growing. It’s growing.

“The first five years of the company is about putting money in and building the trade. So of course we had to support it. We’re still here supporting it now, because we believe in it.”

In fact the Hewson family believed so entirely in the project that they all moved to New York to be closer to the day to day running of the business.

“I’ve been seeing how the operation was being upgraded on a daily, weekly basis,” she said.

“It’s been amazing to see how far it has come in six months.

In 2005 Bono, Ali and fashion designer Rogan Gregory founded the fashion line. However, Ali says that the mission to increase employment in developing regions of Africa has overshadowed the company itself.

Over the years Bono has endured some criticism for his constant involvement in charity campaigns. His critics feel that his methods are a little preachy and that he’s over exposed in the media. However Ali defends his ongoing charity activism.

“He’s always known, if you want to get anything done you’ve got to stand in the firing line sometimes…He doesn’t do it for the warm fuzzy feelings. He does it to actually bring some change about, and highlight issues that were being pushed under the carpet. And he does it very effectively.

“Bono will say to you, ‘I’m sick of Bono, and I am Bono’.”

Just three years ago Edun had $3.6 million in bank loans and owes it’s three shareholders $7.9 million.

Ali feels that the situation for the company can only get better as the Hewson’s partnered up with LVMH, who owns Givenchy, Moet & Chandon, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Christian Dior.

Edun’s plans to have a line of clothing ready for the soccer World Cup this summer designed but children in the slums in Nairobi.


Big Night for a Knight and an Ex-President

An honorary knight and a former president are being feted by the prestigious Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C.

U2 lead singer Bono and former President Bill Clinton will take home awards tonight, and not for the interest they share in music. They are being acknowledged in the nation’s capital for their distinguished work on the international stage in the interest of peace around the globe.

Bono will receive the Council’s first-ever Humanitarian Leadership Award. Known worldwide for his music, Bono also has earned respect and praise for his longtime crusade against global poverty. The Queen of England tapped the Ireland native for honorary knighthood two years ago for his outstanding efforts for the world’s poor and downtrodden.

At the same ceremony, the Atlantic Council also will honor the international leadership of former President Bill Clinton. He will be singled out for his distinguished international leadership that led to peace negotiations in Northern Ireland, NATO’s growth and NAFTA. He also will be lauded for his exceptional efforts that led to the Dayton Accords, the 1995 peace agreement that ended the war in Bosnia.

Among the others to be honored this evening are two generals — James Mattis, of the U.S. Marine Corp., and Stephane Abrial, of the French Air Force. Deutsche Bank Chief Executive Josef Ackermann also will receive a Council prize.

The Atlantic Council, which counts current National Security Advisor James L. Jones and UN Ambassador Susan Rice as former employees, is a non-partisan group with a mission of promoting international cooperation, particularly between the U.S. and Europe. Jones will be joined at the black-tie gathering by Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen, Sen. John McCain and a host of other Washington socialites and politicians.

Last year’s council dinner included a musical interlude from one of the awardees, baritone Thomas Hampson. With a singer and a saxophonist (Clinton) being honored, tonight’s elite gathering could turn into a Bono-fied party.
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Eighth Annual Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday Fundraiser

AWF is celebrating Bono's 50th Birthday

The African Well Fund has launched its eighth annual Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday fundraiser. ( To honor the U2 lead singer’s 50th birthday, the nonprofit is aiming to raise $50,000 during the 50-day period of March 22 to May 10. All funds raised will benefit a community water and sanitation project in the Buhera District of Zimbabwe that will be implemented by Africare, African Well Fund’s partner.

“It makes me proud to be a part of the U2 fan community and, in my opinion, there is no other community like it and that’s why this year, in honor of Bono’s 50th birthday, we’ve decided to set our highest goal yet to raise $50,000 in 50 days,” said Rob Trigalet, board chairman for the African Well Fund. “We know that it will not only take people donating but, just as important, we’ll be asking everyone who supports us to help spread the word through Facebook, Twitter and the various blogs and fan sites that our supporters may be involved with. We think this is a great year to try and really get the word out to as many people as possible.”

To reach the $50,000 goal, the African Well Fund is accepting donations through its website , selling a limited-edition print by artist Azalea Millet, selling limited-edition merchandise through Zazzle  (, and auctioning U2 live photos and U2 360 Tour concert tickets on eBay.

Millet has donated limited-edition hand-signed and numbered prints that will be sold for $50 through our website beginning Monday, March 29.

“I have an enormous amount of respect and admiration for AWF and its mission to provide villages in Africa with clean water by building wells,” said Millet, whose artwork has also been used as the inspiration for this year’s Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday logo and merchandise. “I want to show my support by doing all I can to help them raise money to meet their goal of $50,000 for Bono’s 50th birthday.”

The U2 live photo auction (, the third auction of U2 concert photos taken by fans and professional photographers that the African Well Fund has hosted, will be held from Sunday, April 18 through Sunday, April 25. The 2007 photo auction raised over $7,000 for that year’s Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday fundraiser; the 2006 photo auction raised over $11,000 for that year’s fundraiser.

General admission tickets for U2 360 Tour dates in Salt Lake City , Anaheim and Philadelphia will be auctioned between Monday, May 3 and Saturday, May 8. In 2009, auctions of U2 concert tickets raised nearly $500 for that year’s Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday fundraiser.

All donors will be invited to add their birthday wishes to a card that will be sent to Bono via Principle Management.

“Bono has referred to this fundraiser as his ‘favorite birthday gift,'” Trigalet said. “I really believe that this year might be the best one yet.”

Donations from the seven previous Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday fundraisers have totaled over $170,000 and have been used to fund water and sanitation projects implemented by African Well Fund partner Africare to benefit more than 28,000 people in Angola, Liberia, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Bono visits Kenya to promote “brand Africa”

Bono spent St. Patrick’s Day in Nairobi, Kenya, where he attended a Pan African Media Conference to discuss important issues affecting the continent.

“I am happy to be in Kenya and also participate in the Pan African Media Conference since there is so much to learn, share and speak about in Africa,” the U2 lead singer told The Daily Nation newspaper.

Bono featured as a panelist at the conference, as Africa is a subject that has long been a passion for the 50-year-old Dubliner.

“The conference attracted my attention because I am one of those who believe in brand Africa, a better Africa for Africans,” Bono said as to why he was attending the event.

Bono co-founded the One campaign, which raises funds to fight AIDS and poverty in Africa, and is a vigorous activist for debt cancellation in African countries.

His efforts so far have led to the scrapping on $70 billion worth of debt, and that money has been put to good use in the community.

“The money was used by various governments in keeping more than 35 million children in Africa in schools and that is what I want to see happening more,” added Bono.

Bono in hope for Haiti gig


Bono is one of several top international acts who will perform at the Hope For Haiti TV fundraising show on January 22.

Others confirmed for the event include Sting, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys. The event is being organised by George Clooney who said that more than over 40 artists are expected to attend the show.

The aim of the concert, Clooney explained, is “to show the people of Haiti that the whole world is paying attention”.

The benefit, likely to be broadcast on a dozen American TV networks, will be hosted by Clooney and the Haitian-born perfomer Wyclef Jean.

According to actor Mark Wahlberg: “Haiti has been one of the poorest countries in the world for such a long time. And it’s important for people to continue to help and change that.”

The Hope For Haiti event will benefit the Red Cross, Unicef, Oxfam America, Partners in Health and Yclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Foundation.

Songs from participating artists will be available on iTunes, with proceeds going towards the fund.


Tonic’s 2009 Celebrity iPod Auction


Tonic's 2009 Celebrity iPod Auction

For the second year running, an impressive star-studded group has rallied for Tonic’s Celebrity iPod Auction, benefiting Music Rising.

Started after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, a nonprofit that works to support the Gulf Region by doing everything from replacing destroyed instruments to rebuilding music education programs to re-opening the historic Preservation Jazz Hall in New Orleans.

Last year Tonic auctioned personalized iPods from celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Scarlet Johansson, and Madonna.

This year The Edge has autographed his iPod, loaded onto it his favorite songs, and donated it to the auction. It’s a great gift for any Edge fan not only because they will receive a personalized iPod, but also because 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Music Rising.

The auction will launch on December 17, 2009, and end on Sunday, December 20, 2009, so that fans can receive their iPods in time for t  he holidays. Simply follow the eBay link below, and let the bidding begin!