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About Us

Welcome! started out as You2Zooropa in February 1998. We were first hosted on Geocities and eventually moved to our own server and acquired our own domain, in 2000. was registered in 2001 as the primary domain for many different projects. The projects are all U2 related, and are listed below.

This site has been awarded Shamrocks by the reviewers at the Doras Irish Web Sites directory

The Web Team:

Kevin Dolph – creator, maintainer, and owner. I oversee the daily operations of, The web directory, The U2 top sites ranking, the Banner Network, and the ‘TourSounds’ audio section.

Cindy Trickel of – Helps maintain the growing U2 fansites Web Directory and has contributed greatly in the past to other shared projects.

Jason Schoellen – Creator/DJ of the U2OutLoud Radio, which features one of the few fan maintained 24/7 U2 only internet radio streams.

Gary Paterson – European Contributor – Our eye’s and ears in the UK, and the whole of Europe.

Mario – One of the audio and video guru, and someone who will do his best to keep to keep us on top of the latest multimedia. is always looking for hard core U2 fans to help make the very best. Contact us if you would like to become a team member/contributor to

Special thanks to Phil Romans, Aaron Sams, Matt McGee, Mike McGarity, Prarit, Mark Freedman, Oli, and the many people who email frequently. =)

This site is part of a growing group of U2 focused fan sites pulled together by U2 World Service ( Other sites included:
U2 Topsites
U2 Exchange Banner Network closed as of July 2013 was the first site:

to offer audio from the Irving Plaza and Astoria Theatre gigs
to offer video online of the Electrical Storm single
to offer the live clip of Bono singing with the Rolling Stones on stage during their concert at the Aragon Ballroom on 9/17/2002
to offer video of the Oprah Winfrey show featuring Bono
to offer video from the Corr’s VH-1 special which featured Bono
to post audio and video of Bono inducting Chris Blackwell of Island Records into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
to offer audio of the early Elevation 2001 concerts, and of concerts throughout the entire tour in conjunction with
to offer audio and video from U2’s exclusive club show in Paris on Oct. 19, 2000
to offer video of the NBA halftime & the 2002 NFL Superbowl halftime performances
to offer the 2001 & 2002 Grammy Awards performance by U2
to offer (exclusively) the ‘An Evening with Four5One’ clip from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
to offer up new material from Eze, France July 2006