There’s been a lot of themes that have been forming in the few U2 shows thus far: U2’s love for new technology, their disgust & disdain for all things associated with NLOTH, but my favorite theme developing is the theme of bringing fans onto the stage. “Oh Joe, that’s my least favorite. I didn’t pay a bazillion dollars for Red Zone tickets to hear some off key drunk butcher my favorite song.” Lighten up, Francis! For me, it’s been pure GOLD! I’m not even talking about the girls Bono brings up on stage. Bono’s no idiot, he only picks hotties […]

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U2 Set List: Los Angeles, May 26, 2015

The Innocence + Experience tour arrived in Los Angeles on Tuesday for the first of what will be the longest run of shows in one city so far: five concerts at the Forum in Inglewood. Eyewitnesses spotted plenty of Hollywood celebrities around the venue, like Kate Hudson, Colin Farrell and others. Bono treated them to the second full performance of “California” so far this tour,

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U2101: In God’s Country

I’m trying to be mindful of current events as I write these articles, and one of the biggest events of this past week came on Friday night when U2 broke out The Joshua Tree’s “In God’s Country” during their concert in Phoenix, Arizona. “In God’s Country” has always sort of encapsulated in my mind everything that The Joshua Tree is about, with a lyric that sums up the band’s then-ongoing fascination with America, particularly the southwestern part of the country. In some ways, though – musically, especially – the song would have been equally at home on 1991’s Achtung Baby, […]

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