What the Canuck?

Has video of cement in an empty Vancouver parking lot ever garnished more attention than it has this past week? Sure, the Pacific Coliseum is locked up tighter than Fort Knox, but did you really think that was going to stop U2 fans? Child, please. Put up your barricades, black out your windows, seal all the doors shut, hell, call in the Canadian Mounties, it will not stop the leaks of anything U2 related. Fact, we will know the entire set list before U2’s 1st show. Those of you that participated in last Tuesday’s Tweet fest at #U2request will be…

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I Can See Those Fighter Planes

The latest U2 news this week is that the band is in Vancouver for rehearsals, as it was confirmed that U2 rented out the Coliseum venue for a full month for tour rehearsals. What’s not confirmed is whether the video of the Coliseum door that is circulating around social media, with grainy audio of “Volcano,” “California” and other songs faintly emitting through, is really U2 playing them live — or as some have speculated, just audio recordings of the songs designed for sound testing before the real rehearsals begin. For all we know, the band could be getting massages and…

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Now Open: T-Shirt Fundraiser, Round 2


After the positive response to our t-shirt sale last month, and armed with new ideas from our readers and staff, we’ve listed another batch of shirts on Teespring.

When you visit there, the first things you’ll see are the most popular shirts from our first sale. We’ve relisted them in their original color, plus two additional colors each. Those are:

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Dream Out Loud: ‘Acrobat’ Is Top Song in #U2Request Campaign


Results from the worldwide #U2Request campaign are in, and U2 fans on Twitter have voted “Acrobat” as the U2 song they most want to hear during the upcoming Innocence + Experience tour. The event, organized by Italian fan Angelo D’Arezzo, took place on April 14 with fans naming a song they want to hear and including the #U2Request hashtag. U2 fan Harry Kantas tallied up the 39,

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Until The End Of The World

Originally, for the next lyrics post, I was going to cover Where The Streets Have No Name. But when I woke up the day before Easter, I was up too early and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I checked U2 Radio just for the heck of it and saw a post on Until The End of the World. Lightbulb! I usually would try to avoid covering a song that somebody else has been talking about recently, but in this case, I can’t help myself. I just really, really like that song and now I can’t get it out of…

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