Column: off the record …, vol. 15-686

off the record, from @U2

I can’t wait for Friday. All of us online fans will be back at it surfing the Periscope streams, digging for Mixlr broadcasts, waiting patiently for the official Meerkat link and posting across all social media platforms anything and everything regarding the #U2ieTour leg 2 kicking off in Turin, Italy.

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@U2 Staff Share Top I+E Moments (So Far)

Note to those who haven’t seen the I+E show and want to be surprised: Spoilers galore throughout this story.

The Dennis Sheehan tributes. The onstage fan pow-wow. The falling literature. The light bulb. The SCREENS. Adam and his T-shirts. Edge and his mind-blowing guitar(s). Larry and his single snare drum. “Gloria.” Bono and Bruce (but not Bono and Alyssa).

Thank you, U2, for all that was the first leg of the Innocence + Experience tour.

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Like A Video: I Still Haven’t Found … (New York City, MSG8 2015)

Like a Video

[Ed. note: This is the 29th in a series of essays by the @U2 staff about U2-related visuals and videos. Some essays may be informational and educational, while others may be more personal.]

I became a U2 fan during The Joshua Tree era when I was still a kid. “I Still Haven’

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Now Available: @U2 Podcast Episode 7


Episode 7 of the @U2 podcast is now available, and we have a very international theme this week as we talk about the upcoming European leg of the Innocence + Experience tour. Special guests include Navid Sigari Majd, who’s part of the team, and our very own Aaron Govern — one of @U2’s staffers based in Europe.

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