U2’s Face Lift?

What’s in worse physical shape at this moment, Bono or the Joshua Tree? The latest destruction to the Joshua Tree being uprooted is despicable….. but it’s gotta be Bono, right? I mean, have you seen Bono lately? Sure, he looks great not having his humerous hanging out of his ear, but have you looked closely at his face? To me, it looks like he got on his boots and ran face first into a botox needle. And what’s up with his hair? The Joshua Tree’s roots are in better shape……….and they’re dead! Forget about the brown/auburn/reddish highlights, I’m talking about…

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Know Your Bonoisms, Part 23: Bono’s Childhood Peeps

Did Mick Jagger give his childhood best friend an amazing dream job with a lofty title? I don’t think so. Did Springsteen? Well, maybe – that seems quite plausible. What I do know is that Bono did. Gavin Friday, whose own musical career has always been overshadowed by the fact that he’s Bono’s best mate, has been U2’s “consultant” for the last five tours. The man who was born Fionan Hanvey earned his nickname at the same time as Bono, Edge and Guggi (his just happens to sound more like a real name than theirs), and his roots in U2 are as…

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Now Available: Our New iOS App

iOS app screenshot

As I promised a few months ago in an OTR column, we have a new @U2 iOS app that’s finally finished and ready for you to enjoy! You can download it via the web here, or by doing a search for “atu2″ in the iOS app store. (That’s important — due to Apple regulations, we weren’t allowed to continue calling our app “@U2,” so it doesn’t currently show up if you just search “u2.

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A final farewell to ‘travelling pastor’ Jack Heaslip

U2 joined around 100 mourners at the funeral of their ‘travelling pastor’ Jack Heaslip, who passed away at the weekend. The group’s frontman Bono was accompanied by his wife Ali Hewson to the service at St Mary’s Church, Howth yesterday afternoon as they paid their respects to their friend. The 71-year-old clergyman passed away at his home over the weekend after a prolonged battle with motor neurone disease. Their relationship with the pastor dates back to the 1970s, when he worked as a guidance counsellor in Mount Temple Secondary School which they all attended. When the band was on tour…

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