Achtoon Baby: Things You Probably Haven’t Read About The Tour Yet

The first leg is over, the second leg is about to start, and you’ve probably read 700 articles about the Innocence + Experience tour. Is there anything more to say about what happened already this year?

@U2’s resident artist, Kelly Eddington, thinks so! In her latest installment of our Achtoon Baby cartoon, she shares her personal experience of seeing U2 twice in Chicago to go along with some of the most painstakingly beautiful work she’s ever drawn and painted. Sit back and enjoy!

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@U2 Originals: August 2015

Here at @U2, one of the things we’re most proud of is the original content we provide, created exclusively by our staff. In case you missed any of it in August, the highlights are posted below:

In our weekly Off the Record column, Matt McGee explained how it feels to have half of U2 crash your website’s 20th anniversary party. The following week,

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Interview: Willie Williams Talks Secrets, Pairs of Shows & the #U2ieTour Narrative

U2 performs in Vancouver

As U2 heads to Europe, we trade emails with Willie Williams, Creative Director of U2’s Innocence + Experience tour.

U2 is just days away from taking the stage in Turin, Italy, to begin the second leg of the Innocence + Experience tour. The online fan community is especially anxious to see what U2 has in store as it embarks on what’s currently scheduled as a 34-concert run through 10 cities. Can we expect changes in the band’s set list?

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Column: off the record …, vol. 15-686

off the record, from @U2

I can’t wait for Friday. All of us online fans will be back at it surfing the Periscope streams, digging for Mixlr broadcasts, waiting patiently for the official Meerkat link and posting across all social media platforms anything and everything regarding the #U2ieTour leg 2 kicking off in Turin, Italy.

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@U2 Staff Share Top I+E Moments (So Far)

Note to those who haven’t seen the I+E show and want to be surprised: Spoilers galore throughout this story.

The Dennis Sheehan tributes. The onstage fan pow-wow. The falling literature. The light bulb. The SCREENS. Adam and his T-shirts. Edge and his mind-blowing guitar(s). Larry and his single snare drum. “Gloria.” Bono and Bruce (but not Bono and Alyssa).

Thank you, U2, for all that was the first leg of the Innocence + Experience tour.

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