U2 Set List: Chicago, July 2, 2015

U2 wrapped its five-show visit to Chicago on Thursday night, the eve of what would become a Grateful Dead takeover of the Windy City. A nightmarish travel day Friday kept us from posting sooner, so by now I’m figuring you have a good idea of how the show went. If not, you can check out the full Chicago 5 setlist and recap on our Tours site. We’ve also posted a trio of videos from the show

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Bono & Edge discuss ‘Cedarwood Road’ on Song Exploder podcast

This is really great. While in Los Angeles about a month ago, Bono and The Edge spoke with Hrishikesh Hirway, creator and host of the Song Exploder podcast. Each week, Hirway talks to musicians and has them break down one of their own songs. Bono and Edge spent about 10 minutes discussing the musical and lyrical development of “Cedarwood Road,” and it’s a terrific listen. (Note: If you enjoyed hearing Edge discuss U2 songs in the It Might Get Loud documentary, you’ll love this,

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U2 Videos: Chicago 3 & 4

Two more shows in the books in Chicago, and U2 debuted a few songs that haven’t been played ever or at least in a looooong time, and also treated fans to several songs that haven’t been played often on this tour. Fortunately, we have most of those moments on our YouTube channel (where you should subscribe) thanks to @U2 reader Gregorio Pulido.

So sit back and catch up on any videos you missed,

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U2 Set List: Chicago, June 29, 2015

A lot of our readers keep asking us, “Please don’t post spoilers on the home page. I haven’t been to my first show yet,” so we try not to get too specific when talking about what happened at any given U2 concert. Little bit difficult tonight, but how about if we put it like this: You know that new song that (almost) all of you have been wanting U2 to finally play in concert for the first time, and that Bono promised earlier in the tour would be played before the tour wrapped up? Well, they played it Monday night in Chicago.

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U2 Set List: Chicago, June 28, 2015

As I said on Twitter earlier, my rule is that the live U2 I+E show is 50 times better than whatever we see and hear on the great streams that fans are sharing. So, with the stream from Sunday night’s show being really amazing, that means the live show will have to go down as one of the best of the tour so far — and, by all accounts from those who were there, it was.

U2 dusted off an October song that hadn’t been played in about 10 years,

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